Let us help you win your election the right way.

The establishment insiders don’t want you to know the secrets they use to win their elections.

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What we do

Election Hackers Core Program was designed specifically for state-level candidates who don’t have the budget for a high-dollar consultant but still require high quality consulting.


If your campaign or political organization requires you to win public opinion and turn out voters on election day, Dark Horse Political should be your first call.


Being right on the issues doesn’t win elections; if it did, liberals would be out of business.  You need a strategy and a plan to execute it tactically.


Politics is sales.  How you present your campaign or political organization matters more now in the digital age than ever before.  Poor presentation loses elections.

Need advice?

Let’s talk about your race and decide whether its better for you to stay out or get in and fight.

Our e-Book & Core Program

Everything in the Election Hackers Core Program is designed specifically for the state-level candidate who can’t afford to pay $10,000+ a month for Federal-level consulting, but still requires world-class strategic advice.

Our goal is to work with 500 conservative state-level candidates in our Election Hackers Core Program–each cycle.

What the pros say...

“ The Election Hackers Core Program is the most complete campaign planning tool I’ve ever come across.  Literally, it levels the playing field for conservatives and allows America First candidates to win races that were previously unwinnable.”

Rich Logis, Conservative Radio Host

Our story

Dark Horse Political was birthed and developed in the harshest of liberal political environments. We’d have it no other way. The lessons that shaped us and political fires that hardened us have proven to be of the greatest benefit to our clients across the United States.

Dark Horse Political is a General Political Consultancy working exclusively with conservative Republican candidates at the Federal and non-Federal levels. Our purpose is to maximize the number of conservative legislators in all 50 Representative and Senatorial Houses, while also working with well-positioned Congressional candidates who support the conservative agenda.

Let us help you win your election the right way.