The Program

The Election Hackers Core Program

There is no campaign program as thorough and high quality as the Election Hackers Core Program. This program is available exclusively to non-federal candidates.  For the first time ever, you can access world-class consulting other candidates pay six-figures to retain, for a fraction of the cost.

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Analysis & Set-up

Elections are ALWAYS won or lost during the Pre-Campaign Phase of the election process. The more prepared your are before you even declare your candidacy the better your chances are at being victorious in the General Election.


Phase One:
Launching Your M.A.P.

A strong start to your campaign can clear the primary field while a weak start invites more opponents and forces you to spend money that would be better used in the General Election. We give you the Massive Action Plan to make that happen.

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Phase Two:
Building Momentum

The pathway to victory in the Primary and General Elections is through building a strong base of support and driving that base to the polls. If you don't build momentum early, you won't be able to build it late. We show you how to properly connect with your base.


Phase Three:
Establishing Yourself

This phase is for closers. Not only will you be in the best position to win the Primary Election, you'll establish a strong narrative to reach and win right-breaking independents and the swing voters you'll need to conquer the General Election.


Phase Four:
Imposing Yourself

This phase is the culmination of all of the strategic positioning accomplished throughout the previous phases of the campaign. Your campaign efforts broaden as you discuss the issues important to voters and win their support on election night.

EH Core Program

Exclusive Access To Discounted Resources

Campaigns are expensive. Through the Election Hackers Core Program you will receive deep discounts on data, data management, digital design, graphic art, world-class ongoing consulting, tactical planning, and more. These benefits will save you thousands of dollars.


Raising What You Need

Most candidates loser their elections before they even begin because they don't know how to raise the money to fund their campaign. As a candidate, your number one job is fundraising--not arguing about issues. You have two jobs: shake hands & raise money.

People Talking

Narrative Arc:
Proper Messaging Matters

Politics is sales. Nothing more. Nothing Less. This information will show you why most conservative candidates lose support from key groups because they fail to address the solutions to the problems voters are worried about. Your sales pitch matters.

traditional and digital

Traditional & Digital Media Strategies That Win

Traditional and digital media efforts work to support your ground efforts. It is important to present the highest quality images and well-crafted narrative to voters each time they engage with your campaign; whether that engagement is traditional or digital.


Data Analysis:
Predictive Modelling

Our partnership with internationally known Aristotle International automatically gives you a tactical advantage over your opponents because your information will be more accurate, more thorough, better managed, and more effectively utilized.


Theater Operations:
Managing The Air & Ground War

Operational continuity is paramount to executing a political campaign. Every aspect of the campaign theater must be properly aligned and specifically purposed for a desired outcome. There is a difference between activity and work.


Building Your Team: Who To Hire & When To Hire Them

You'll never win the derby on a donkey. The quality of your team will be directly reflected in the performance of your campaign. Most candidates don't know who they need to hire, how they need to hire, or how much to pay--but you won't have that problem.

Let us help you win your election the right way.