The Firm

Our story

Dark Horse Political was birthed and developed in the harshest of liberal political environments.  We’d have it no other way.  The lessons that shaped us and political fires that hardened us have proven to be of the greatest benefit to our clients across the United States.

Dark Horse Political is a General Political Consultancy working exclusively with conservative Republican candidates at the Federal and non-Federal levels.  Our purpose is to maximize the number of conservative legislators in all 50 Representative and Senatorial Houses, while also working with well-positioned Congressional candidates who support the conservative agenda.

Christopher Gergen served in the signals intelligence community as an aircrewman in the United States Navy as a result of the attacks on September 11, 2001.  In 2006, he was honorably discharged from the Navy and later began his career in the finance and investment space.

Beginning his career at Transamerica Financial Advisors, Mr. Gergen went on to work exclusively with high net worth clients as a Managing Advisor with MassMutual in Portland, Oregon.  He has served on numerous boards of directors for national and local community organizations and charities.  In 2012, he was appointed by Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber to his Governor’s Small Business Advisory Council as the lone conservative voice.

In 2015, Christopher Gergen solidified the foundation of Dark Horse Political and in early 2016 he was tapped to serve as the Deputy State Campaign Manager and Oregon State Political Director for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign.  

Dark Horse Political has worked with clients in the Federal and non-Federal spaces, Political Action Committees, Independent Expenditure-only Committees (Super PACs), State and County Republican Committees, and Congressional candidates.  We’re ready to work for you.

Feedback & Reviews

Here are a few words from conservative leaders who know and have worked with Dark Horse Political in the past

” Christopher is an effective trainer and communicator. Our candidates always received useful and timely information they could take action on immediately. He is a rock solid conservative who genuinely works to see strong candidates get elected. He has my highest recommendation. “

Nancy Cooke

Secretary, Broward Republican Executive Committee

” Political consultants are a dime a dozen; however, Chris is a true professional who knows what it takes to win tough elections and negotiate difficult political environments. If you’re running for public office, I recommend you retain him immediately.  “

Michele Merrill

Florida Republican State Committeewoman

” Chris is simply one of the best political consultants working for conservatives today.  I witnessed him daily in action on the front lines producing results no one thought possible. If you don’t mind losing, call someone else.  If you want to win, call Dark Horse Political.

Jacob Daniels, Esq.

Oregon State Campaign Director, Donald J. Trump for President

What can we do for you?

Partnering with a veteran political general consultancy gives your campaign the best chance to maximize your opportunities and position you to win your election

We consult with some of the most influential conservative leaders in the nation.  If they call us, why shouldn’t you?

Success in politics isn’t determined by who you know and getting the inside track with establishment insiders.  Sure, knowing influencers is important, but executing your political game plan with excellence is paramount.  The influencers each count as one vote; so do the rest of your constituents.  We have the plan to help you reach them.

Our firm will help you zero in on what matters in a political campaign and to ignore what doesn’t.

We’ve managed campaigns in the harshest of political climates and learned how to challenge establishment insiders.

If there is a pathway to victory, we will find it.  In 2016, our candidate was down in the polls by 17 points against two establishment candidates in a vicious primary with six weeks left.  We were hired to “make the best of it and see what we can do.”  Six weeks later, with the help of 100’s of wonderful volunteers, 123,000 phone calls, thousands of doors knocked, and hundreds of miles driven, we delivered a victory–by a 49% margin.

That candidate was President Donald J. Trump.

Politics is sales. Nothing more. Nothing less.  We’ve created the imaging and branding of candidates in large and small races at every level.

How you present yourself and your campaign to the general public will determine whether you are able to capture the 10 seconds required to deliver your initial message.  Branding will not win your election; however, if done improperly or at low quality, it will lose your election before you even begin.

Need advice?

Let’s talk about your race and decide whether its better for you to stay out or get in and fight.

Let us help you win your election the right way.